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Welcome to JLP LEGAL

Uncontested Divorces with a Florida Licensed Attorney starting at $599.00* and can be Filed in Court on the same day you visit us**. JLP LEGAL is a completely automated law firm which means that our costs are reduced by removing the layers upon layers of expensive legal work. 


These are the reasons to choose us:

We will inform you of your rights! A non-lawyer does not know your rights.


Licensed Florida attorney with 16 years of experience starting at $599.00 for an Uncontested Divorce*!!!


The Divorce can be filed in court Today!!! Come in person or visit us remotely via Zoom and we may be able to file your uncontested divorce today**  ( No office visit Required, we can do it all online!)


Our dedicated and knowledgeable legal staff is here to assist you. Florida has certain requirements to initiate divorce proceedings.


We can give you legal advice - In Florida, only licensed Florida Attorneys can give legal advice, we are licensed Florida Attorneys. In Florida, it a felony for anyone other than a Licensed Florida Attorney to give you legal advice regarding your divorce.


No Court Appearance, but if you are required, we will be there representing you.


We serve all South Florida.


The difference between a cheap online non-lawyer divorce service may be just a few dollars less than the services this Law Firm provides. Wouldn’t you prefer a lawyer? Don't you want to know your rights?


Did you know that many of the uncontested divorces turn out to become contested divorces? Online non-lawyers divorce services cannot help you at all under those circumstances, but we can.


*   please refer to the "PRICING" tab for detailed information

**only applies to Uncontested Divorces without children or property. Your Divorce papers will be filed the same day you visit our office as long as you make your full payment for attorneys fees and costs and send back the signed and notarized documents by you and your spouse by 3:00PM

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