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Just because your marriage did not work does not mean that you have to end it in a war. A Divorce should not be a painful and prolonged fight where the parties that once loved each other now hate each other and are willing to destroy and hurt the other?  


If you and your spouse agree to go separate ways and agree to the terms of the Divorce, why prolong the pain, why end the marriage in a divorce war? Why spend thousands and thousand of dollars in attorney's fees when that money can be used to pay for your new life?  Think smart! 

A simple Divorce to avoid the the high costs of attorneys. 

1 - Call us and  we will schedule a live or virtual appointment with an attorney - Many times on the same day.

2 - Sign the Agreement, answer a few questions and make your payment for our attorney's fees.

3 - Once your documents are ready, have them signed and notarized by you and your spouse. 

Once you return the signed and notarized documents, pay the court filing fee and sit back and relax! - We will send you you Final Judgment of Divorce as soon as it is available.

3-Step Process

Fast and Simple Divorce

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