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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Uncontested Divorce?
An uncontested divorce is a divorce where the parties are in complete agreement with all of the terms of their divorce. The parties already know what they want and they are in complete agreement.   
 Please keep in mind that an Uncontested Divorce requires both parties to sign off on documents. If the both parties are NOT in complete agreement as to every term, an Uncontested Divorce does not apply to you, however we can still help you in your contested divorce.

Who do we Represent: 
We ONLY represent YOU, the petitioner.  In order to avoid the possibility of a conflict of interest, the Florida Bar prohibits attorneys from representing both parties.  We will have NO contact with your spouse. We will prepare your divorce based on your answers and interview.

Do I have to go to Court: 
Not if the divorce is uncontested. However, each case may be different. 

Florida Residence Requirement: 
In a Florida divorce at least one of the parties needs to show proof of residence, either you or your spouse need to prove that he or she has been a resident of Florida for at least 6 months prior to the date we file your divorce.  The most commonly used method to establish residency is by sending a copy of your or your spouse's Florida Driver License which shows it was issued at least 6 months ago. However, if you do not have a license,  we may still be able to help you, please call us,

Both parties do not need to be a Florida Residents. If your spouse lives in another country or another other state, as long as he or she is willing to sign all the paper work and is in agreement with all of the terms, we can file your uncontested divorce.

I Don't know where my spouse is: 
If you do not know the location of your spouse or have otherwise lost contact with him or her, we can still help you.
Does it matter if we were married in another State or Another Country? 
No. Your Divorce can be filed in Florida so long as one of the parties resides in Florida at least six (6) months prior to the filing of the petition. 

How can I access my documents? 
We can print your documents and provide them to you.   We can also send the documents to you via mail, mailing rates apply. 
Will the lawyer review my documents? 
Yes, Unlike other providers, an attorney within our firm, will review your documents.

Will the attorney give me Legal Advice? 
Yes, unlike many other providers, an attorney within our firm will answer your questions; only to YOU not your spouse. 

Refund Policy:
If you change your mind or decide not to proceed with the Divorce,  no part of the attorneys fees will be refunded as all attorneys fees in Uncontested Divorces are immediately earned upon receipt. The money is NOT deposited in trust. 
As to costs, including the costs for filing the Uncontested Divorce, if you change your mind or decide not to proceed with the Divorce and the Divorce has already been paid to and filed with the court, we cannot return any part of the costs for filing the uncontested Divorce as the clerk of the court will not issue any refunds. If you change your mind or decide not to proceed with the Divorce and JLP LEGAL  paid for the costs for filing of the Uncontested Divorce, you agree to pay the actual costs for filing the Uncontested Divorce paid by JLP LEGAL immediately regardless of the decision to proceed or not with the divorce, 
Remember that if you desire an Uncontested Divorce it means that there are no issues remaining between you and you spouse. We cannot control what your spouse will do. If your spouse refuses to sign the documents that we prepare for you based on what you requested, we cannot give you a refund as our services are finalized. Our services include, advice and the preparation of legal documents. The actual physical act of filing (entering information into the computer regarding the divorce and uploading documents into the court system) the Uncontested Divorce is complementary for our uncontested divorces clients.
In an uncontested divorce both parties will have to voluntarily sign off on documents.  If your spouse does not want to sign your divorce papers, your divorce is contested. We can still help you but at a different rate.  If you want to hire us for your Contested divorce, we will file prepare a new set of documents and give you a partial courtesy credit for the attorney's fees already paid.


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