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Signing a Contract

 Simple and Fast Uncontested Divorce 

Uncontested Divorce with a Florida Licensed Attorney starting at $999.99. Don't let others fool you, only a licensed lawyer can give you legal advice.  Why fill out forms or deal with non-lawyers when you can have your own lawyer for $999.99?  

Are you sure an Uncontested Divorce is right for you?     
Do you know your rights?
In each of the below instances, these women were willing to pay for an Uncontested Divorce, and walk away with NOTHING
After being informed of their rights...
  • A wife seeking an Uncontested Divorce, instead eventually settled for some cash and the proceeds from the sale of two homes, almost $800,000.00 (eight hundred thousand dollars).
  • In another case of a wife seeking an Uncontested Divorce involved in a short term marriage settled for over $70,000.00.
  • Yet another Woman seeking an Uncontested Divorce, instead,  settled for over $200,000.00 (two hundred thousand dollars).
These Women all thought they knew their rights. They clearly did not until they visited us. Are you sure you know your rights? Come for your free consultation. 

Call to make your appointment to see whether you qualify for an Uncontested Divorce. Court costs are not included in the $999.00.

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